Vacuum Equipment

Most materials have to be sufficiently fixed during the working process. For this purpose vacuum suction fixtures in various power levels and versions are available. These versions are distinguished whether or not a brushed surface (for oscillating cutting blades) or a wholly machined surface
(nearly all other cases) is necessary. A breathing protective material is laid under the cutting material. Thereby, the working tool can penetrate into that protective surface without damaging the machined surface by a still functioning vacuum suction.
Such materials are, for example:

        Compressed  wood (4mm)
        Brush Mats

The following power categories are available for vacuum pumps as standard (KW):


The machines can be equipped with several pumps in parallel circuit. Thereby, the working area can
be divided in various independent vacuum chambers. 
Please, note: The suction power is in proportion to the used surface. In case materials are smaller
than the vacuum area, we then recommend to cover the remaining surface with non-breathing