Ultra Sonic Cutting and Sealing

The electrical oscillations of the generator are being changed into mechanical vibration. Then in the vibrating horn and the booster they are reinforced upon a measure which is sufficient to melt synthetic fibre. If you try to slow down the oscillation then frictional heat is being built up because the vibrating horn which actually represents a little hammer hammers with 40000 beats/second onto a surface.
Although the amplitude occurs only in the micrometer area the high frequency cuts natural fibre without fraying. Mixed or pure synthetic fabrics will melt under the frictional heat which means that the cutting edges are cut clean and sealed.
No outside heat is coming to the material as it is the case with a laser or a heating -iron. Therefore, ultrasonic tools cannot burn; doesn’t cause any hard edges which can rub on the skin; it doesn’t cause any colouring and neither unpleasant smells nor poisonous fumes are occurring.


     •    Hemming of weaving edges
     •    Cross and length cuts
     •    Vertical laminates of Curtains & stores
     •    Blinds and deco fabrics
     •    Filter fabrics & button holes
     •    Labels and loops and many more

If you lay two plastic fabrics under a vibrating horn  they not only will be cut but also be welded together. e.g. Filter hose

If there is no sharp edge on the vibrating horn the result will be welding without cutting . That’s called: Ultrasonic sewing.


     •    Connecting one roll to another, e.g. in a weaving-mill
     •    Patch-work blankets
     •    Embroidery
     •    insert of hooks and eyes
     •    Welding of zipper ends

If, however, a natural fibre should be sealed then the different parts must be coated or a flies must
be laid in between.

With the second type of Ultrasonic Cutting a blade is clamped in the vibrating horn. On here the ultrasonic gives it support only to the cutting effect of that blade. In that way you have to cut materials which cannot be cut with conventional blades or you are getting very bad results.


     •    rubber printing blanket
     •    Rubber
     •    Charcoal fibre a. o.

Cords and ribbons are getting plastified and show a clean cut edge by using a slow cut.