Tangential Knife

The CAMTEC Knife Cutting is a tangentially controlled tool. This means that the cutting blade is automatically lined along the contour controlled by the machine. Thereby, contours in any variation can be cut.
All necessary data for this movement is calculated automatically and independently by the controller based on geometric data.

Leather template, compound material, adhesive film

This cutting tool has a built-in magnet which moves up and down the cutting knife, and, therefore, can be mounted on machines without Z-axle. The vertical cutting power is max. 10 N. A special distance control makes a constant cutting depth possible. Depending on the type of operation the material is held down by a vacuum equipment. Various knife or blades are available for various material processing, e.g.

  •  carbonid knives with various geometrical forms
  •  depending whether the material has to be cut through
     or just till the carrier layer, one of the following
     underlies can be chosen from:
        •   Pressed chipboard
        •   Felt materials
        •   Fleece materials

Additional facilities for material in- and out-put can be designed according to client’s specifications.



As a guideline for the use the following materials can be used:

     •   Cardboard & paper till ca. 400gr/m²; aprox.14 ounces/sq.ft.
     •   Plastic foil or films, e.g. PVC; Poly Carbonates; Polyester a.s.o.
     •   Thinly coated textiles, none which are soft or air permeable. Als Richtlinie können die folgenden 

For thick and tough materials an extra strong pressed air controlled version of the tangential tool is also available.