Milling spindle

High frequency spindle 500 Watt Dust suction, Spray automat

Depending on the requirements various milling spindles with a manual or pneumatic collet can be

Spindles with manual collet:

FM 050/26

     •   Collector motor spindle 230 V / 500 W
     •   Out-put power max. 500 W
     •   Revs adjustable ca. 8000 - 26000 RPM

FM 120/24

     •   Three-phase current motor spindle 400 V / 1200 W
     •   In-put power max. 2000 VA
     •   Out-put power max. 1200 W
     •   Revs max. 24000 RPM

High frequency - spindles with frequency converter and manual or pneumatic collet:

 High frequency three-phase current motor spindle:

power output:

revs adjustable till:

max. 125 Watt

max. 60000 RPM

max. 220 Watt

max. 50000 RPM

max. 350 Watt

max. 50000 RPM

max. 500 Watt

max. 50000 RPM

max. 1200 Watt

max. 50000 RPM

max. 1600 Watt

max. 50000 RPM

All high frequency motors are made for continuous operation!
They are available with:

     •   Manual collet
     •   Automatic pneumatic collet

Further, all high frequency motors are equipped with a cooler which can additionally be cooled with either water or air.

Automatic tool exchange with tool exchange depot for high frequency spindles fitted with a pneumatic collet:

     •   Tool depot for 4 or 8 exchangeable tools
     •   Additional depot positions upon request
     •   Automatic control by CAMTEC Controller
     •   Option: Depth measuring station
     •   Option: Automatic depth adjustment

We can deliver diverse milling spindles according to client’s specification and application.