CAD / CAM and Control Software for CAMTEC Plotter, Cutter, Water Jet,...

The demand for more flexible, qualitatively higher and at the same time more economical manufacture right on time are increasing. With the introduction of new computer technology an essentially higher productivity as well as in construction and emissions of client data has been noticed.

PrimCAM Software is a high performance user friendly software package for the following:

     •   Construction / Drawing editor
     •   Making of cutting programs(CNC-Programs) with arranging and filing of all the data
     •   Optimal pathing
     •   Import / take over of data from other CRT / CAD programs, e.g. AutoCAD DXF; IGES; HPGL
     •   Work simulation
     •   Arranging of connecting points
     •   NC-Editor with window technic

Especially the following attitudes help you to save time and money:

     •   the working machine  runs while the next program is being arranged on the PC
     •   Optimal pathing produces shortest running time
     •   Avoiding of program errors by simulation

Handling of the PrimCAM Software is exceptionally easy to learn. The usage of strong icons facilitates your daily work. 

There are various languages at your disposal.


PrimCAM has it’s own drawing editor with which even the most difficult geometrics, e.g. eclipses and Bézier curves, can be executed quick and easy. Professional construction aids, e.g. support lines;     functions; round ups;
copying; moving; rotating;
mirroring and many more are  at your command.

The changes in the material geometry changes automatically the tool rail which means the modification of the tools can be done  graphically.


PrimCAM enables you to design your own starting points and end points

The work simulation allows you to follow the tools in advance which assists you in detecting errors early.
At the same time you can find out the working time in advance which is to your advantage when
pre-calculating a work piece and placing the existing machines.