The CAMTEC Drawing Head can be equipped with HP compatible pen system. The drawing head serves the purpose to proof, the work periphery for example, before commencing the actual operation. In this case the machine can be used as a conventional plotter or as an addition to other working tools, e.g. for drawing of the parts to be cut. It is recommended, to carry out the plotting process before the working process.
The following tools are available:

             Ball pen
             Ball roller pen
             Big sized ball pen
             Felt pencil

The drawing head can be combined with most other tools, e.g. tangential controlled knife; punching tools.
For drawing with a variety colours and/or lines a drawing head with multiple version can be delivered.
The drawing heads have a tool lift of 5 mm.
In order to draw on uneven materials a specific version with a lift of 10 mm is at your disposal.
For precision drawings with India ink CAMTEC offers a special drawing head.


Plottimg Pattern

Materials (depending on drawing tool)

       Compound material