Oscillating Knife


The cutting blade is moved up and down with high frequency. This causes a reduction of the cutting power. Furthermore, cutting of materials which cannot be processed with a conventional tangential knife control, is thereby made possible. Brush surfaces (in special cases fleece or felt materials) are used as work underlay. Materials to be cut are held down by vacuum equipment. Multiple layers of breathing materials can be cut in general. In case of non-breathing materials only single layers can be cut. No film cover is necessary in this case. Should the material not cover all of the vacuum area then all open spots have to be covered to avoid air from escaping.
A special cover mechanism for the cutting of stiffer textiles, e.g. car seat covers, which avoids the
cutting up of the cover foil, can be delivered. 

Depending from the material structure, various blades are available. The CAMTEC laboratory is
ready for your tests any time.


Cardboard pattern box in-lays


As a guideline, the following materials can be cut:

Technical textiles, laminated or even soft and breathing and leather materials:

     •    car seat covers
     •    inner car linings
     •    carpets
     •    tarpaulin
     •    felt (both natural and artificial)
     •    leather
     •    rubber
     •    various plastics

Other textiles:

     •    clothing
     •    household
     •    medical / sanitary
     •    upholstery fabric

(corrugated) cardboard’s


Various patterns, cut with an oscillating knife