The CAMTEC Marking Tool is a specialised industrial Ink-Jet Pressure System. Because it doesn’t need any contact to materials, this Ink-Jet principle allows marking of almost any object even such ones with a rough surface and from absorbent materials. Very tiny ink drops are shot from the Ink-Jet Head onto the surface of the material. In general the plotterhead is mounted in a height of 10 - 15 mm over the surface of the material.

In general you can produce the same contours and signs as with usual plotting tools but no continuous lines can be drawn. Instead, series of dots in programmed intervals of 1 -2 mm are typical. On an absorbent material those dots achieve a size of 1 - 2 mm in diameter. Therefore, naturally, the CAMTEC Marking Process is not intended for producing technical drawings but for marking of textiles or other materials with a rough surface.
Materials with a smooth surface can, of course, be marked with this technique. In that case ink with a specific rapid drying time is being used.
Inks in the following basis are available:

     •    Alcohol (middle fast drying process)
     •    MEK (very fast drying process)

Red; green; blue; black and UV-visible inks are also available.


Marking System & Pattern


All of the following and nearly all other textiles made of natural or artificial
           fibres can be used.
     •    Carpets
     •    Cardboard
     •    Felt 
     •    Glass
     •    Laminated Materials
     •    Leather
     •    Metal
     •    Paper
     •    Plastic
     •    Rubber
     •    Stone
     •    Tent & Tarpaulin Materials
     •    Wood