Drilling - Milling - Engraving


Nearly all materials are usable as long as the automatic driving speed; the vertical speed; type of cutter; diameter and rotation speed are adjusted accordingly.

Guidelines for materials (max. thickness for a run) with a 500 W motor:
Material      Max. thickness / mm
Aluminium                   5
Brass                          5
Steel                           2
Plexiglas                    10

The CAMTEC Machine can be fitted out with a motorised controlled Z-Axle for milling and engraving tasks as well as for exact positioning. The milling and engraving spindle is mounted on the tool plate of the Z-Axle.

An alternative for depth control:
Through the choice of eight different ĄPlotter Pens" various milling depths can be achieved with the CAD program.


Various milling and engraving patterns

CAMTEC Milling Machines are fitted out with a 150 W till 200 W milling motor. The automatic drive speed and the vertical speed (Z-Axle) are nearly continuously variable programmable.
By the application of High Frequency Spindles the rotation speed can be adjusted between 5000 and
60000 RPM, depending on the type of motor.


Engraving of letters; symbols or other graphic elements can be done on even and slightly vaulted
plates made from Aluminium; compound materials; steel and others.
As engraving is done normally with a conic engraving cutter, it is possible that various engraving
widths occur by a fixed Z-position. 

Engraving unit:

This is an independent engraving unit including a spindle motor; suspended supporting ring and a dust
suction. The complete engraving tool holder including the supporting ring is vertically moveable and is
pushed down via an adjustable coil power. The protruding engraving tool can be exactly adjusted
with an adjusting ring. The diameter of the pliers is 3 mm. Revolutions on the engraving tool can be
electronically adjusted up to 60000 RPM.
The up and down movement of the tool is carried out pneumatically or through a Z-axle.


For drilling applications there is basically the same equipment available as for milling.
The Z-axle option with motor control enables a programmable Z-speed with a precise programmable
depth position. Cooling and lubricating units are also available.


Milling spindle

5000 - 60000 RPM, 300 - 2000 Watt


Various vertical length

Vacuum equipment

Various performance / detachable

Clamping tool

Manual or pneumatic

Dust suction

With hose

Spray automate

For cooling; computer controlled

Tool exchange station

Fourfold and eightfold; various clamping pliers diameters

Depth measuring station

Exact determination of milling depth

Axle with free vertical linear way