Cutting - Drawing - Outlining



Usable area standard:

1000 x 600 mm

Max.  speed:

300 opt. 500 mm/s

L/B/H with undertable:

750/1040/1020 mm

Weight with undertable:

120 kg




Serial Connection:

RS232C, HPGL (Subset) compatible


2 MB


0.015 / 0.025 mm

Energy supply:

230 VAC - 50 Hz

Power  input:

500 VA


510/460/350 mm


27 kg

Options AMV:  Vacuum; Rolling table and film holder


Usable working area large format

1500 x 1000 mm


1800 x 1200 mm


1800 x 1500 mm


2200 x 1500 mm

Till max:

5500 x 3000 mm

Cutting and Drawing in the Office

The CAMTEC AUTOMASK Vario Cutting Plotter relieves you from time absorbing cutting with templates when drawing or outlining contours on stone. The frame construction enables work on either the machine surface or directly on stone. A powerful electronic device controls the cutting knife exactly tangentially to the contour. The result is a remarkable precision by the smallest and largest types or ornaments with clear cut edges and corner. This is a precondition for a high quality end product! As you can see, the CAMTEC CUTTING KNIFE TECHNIQUE makes cutting of  inexpensive films possible!

Cutting, Drawing and Outlining in the workshop

Direct cutting on stone makes the awkward transfer with its danger of film distortion unnecessary.
The application of inexpensive films, like TESA; BARNIER is, therefore, possible. The machine is automatically adjusting types and ornaments on stone with free Zero-Point choice. The automatic height adjustability of the cutting and drawing head enables the adjustment of stones in various thickness. Unevenness is compensated without problems by a high working lift of tools. A robust and dust protected construction allows operating in a workshop.

Cutting of templates in step and stone forms

The CAMTEC AUTOMASK Vario Cutting Plotter in that special large format version is also suited outstandingly for cutting and writing of template materials or cardboards for example. There are standard as well as customer specific formats available.

And here is yet another important attribute:

                  The CAMTEC AUTOMASK Vario suits into all leading program solutions
                                                              now and in the future!

By application of the world-wide specified plotter language HPGL, the CAMTEC AMV can be controlled by most of the CAD/CAM, DTP and other special programs. A highly powerful electronic devise calculates each graph in advance. Therefore, all direction changes are recognised and the knife is automatically lifted in order to produce really exact corners. The machine speed is automatically and optionally controlled according to the appropriate geometry. The result is  - perfect quality within shortest working time. Due to the large RAM, CAMTEC Automask Vario is a professional cutting; drawing and outlining system with an excellent price - performance - ratio and -  without compromises.
When you choose our machines you will get a multi-purpose machine which you can build and bet
on, not just a single specific solution which might be outdated by tomorrow!

If you want to choose a flexible, reasonably priced plotter with a future securing way  -  then you canít afford to overlook
CAMTEC Automask Vario!