AccuPrint  is a easy to handle multifunctional and professional solution for all ranges of digital large format printing and silk-screen printing. AccuPrint is a PostScript level 2 RIP for the production of high quality photo realistic prints in connection with cost cutting and a multiple product package.
The simple operating instructions of AccuPrint starts with that unique Plug In function, e.g. many current DTP-programs on a PC or a MAC can be integrated. EPS data can be scanned independently from the base on which
they were created. Neither import nor export are necessary.
AccuPrint enables you to make layouts which means the user can scan pictures, import data, sort in and scale down elements as well as change colours. This can all be done from individual work stations.
Colour profiles which are specific to their machines can be made with the optionally available AccuPrint colour - meter.
The AccuPrint Print Server can be applied with Windows NT Server with one configuration for more users.
The determination of the printing method and the print sequence allows you to produce orders over night without supervision.