CAMTEC  5000

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CAMTEC 5050 XL W Water- Jet Cutter
Utility Format: 1600 x 3000 mm

Tools / Options

Plotting on cardboard; glass; metal; paper; plastic


Conventional plotting pen; ball pen; felt pen; Indian ink

Tangential guided knives for cardboard; film; paper


A cutting knife made from HSS or tempered metal is automatically turned in the driving direction.

Oscillating knife for laminates; leather; rubber; textiles


A oscillating knife with high frequency cuts through flexible and flat materials. Working without cutting through the film cover is made possible by a special process.

Laser for acrylic glass; corrugated carton; laminates; marine materials; textiles


The Laser Beam is bundled with a focusing lens. The high thermic effect causes a very precisive cutting process without the influence of mechanical power.

Water Jet for ceramics; carpets; compound materials; glass; leather; non-ferrous metals; rubber; sealing materials; steel; titanium


Water becomes a precision cutting tool by means of a pressure up to 4000 Bar via a fine jet. Through adding abrasives (Abrasive Process) even extremely hard materials can be cut.

Perforating: film; hard paper; translucent paper


Dust templates; cutting and embroidery markings are carried out with a punch mechanism.

Marking: absorbent or uneven materials; stone; textiles; wood


Ink Jet and other systems plotting lines of text in coloured or UV-Ink without touching.

Material Transport


The input and output of materials is carried out to the specification of the application. Conveyor; spreading machines; a.s.o.

Modularity / Built-on / Options


In addition to the standard formats by any machines according to client specific formats up to 11,5 x 5 m as well as in a specific design in nearly any size can be delivered.

Computer Control / software compatibility


Because all CAMTEC SYSTEMS are based on the world wide compatibility standardised plotter language HPGL they are controllable like a drawing plotter with almost any program available.


CAMTEC 5040 N with Z-axle; T-Shaped Plate and 100 mm material conduit